Monday, December 11, 2023

Nine days without official news from Tyson Carter

The Unicaja begins in the next few days one of the most important preseasons in recent years. And he will do it with a fully formed squad: nine new faces and three repeaters. Ibon Navarro already knows with which 12 players will be able to count for the 2022/2023 season and this approach is included Tyson Carter. The United States abroad will be the final piece of the typesetter puzzle, but a series of bureaucratic problems are delaying the official status of the incorporation of the still player of the Zenit Saint Petersburg of Xavi Pascual.

Own Juanma Rodriguez was in charge of confirming the signing of Tyson Carter by Unicaja – advanced on Thursday, July 21 by The opinion of Malaga– and beyond his words little has been known over the days. The typesetter sports director explained a few days ago on Cadena Ser Málaga the current situation with the American. What is the wait for? «A matter of paperwork and documentationbut as soon as we have them we will go forward”, to which he added: “We are trying to close those last fringes and we hope to be able to announce the latest addition soon”.

The agreement between the player and Unicaja has been closed for several daysbut the signing of the documents by the zenith, his current team, has slowed down any agility in movement. Even his possible signing was announced before the negotiations open between the Unibox Y Melvin Ejim, but the Canadian has ended up signing first and is now officially a green player. The operation has not suffered any type of alteration throughout this process, the parties have remained stable in the negotiations, although it will be necessary to wait for the officiality that could arrive at any moment. Even the Russians already have a replacement for Carter himself.

The landing of North American escort in Malaga it will take place under a series of special conditions. Initially, Carter had a contract with the Russian team until 2023, but club and player have extended their contractual union until 2024. So the American will finally arrive on loan: «He has two years left on his contract and being a player who has a lot of potential, they don’t want to part with him, but we understand it perfectly and we have accepted that situation, “said Juanma Rodríguez about the negotiation.

Pre-season work starts from next week. Unicaja will open the month of August with the medical examinations of all the players and they will return to the track around 9 or 10. The idea is that Tyson Carter can be from the beginning with the rest of his companions. What’s more, he will be one of the few players with whom the coach from Vitoria will be able to work in the face of the numerous international casualties that the coaching staff will have for several weeks in August and who knows if September. Some could even arrive with very little time for the Basketball Champions League Preliminary Phase or, what would be a problem to prepare the assault on the FIBA ​​continental competition.

Like the rest of the typesetter, Tyson Carter meets that versatility that the Los Guindos club wanted to look for in the transfer market. His natural position is shooting guard, but he also has the ability to act as a point guard, where they will be Alberto Diaz Y Kendrick Perry as main directors of the game. Initially, he will pair up with Dario Brizuela -with the possible contribution of the eaves- and his role will be focused on scoring. He is one of the new players with the best qualities to add points to his team’s scoreboard. However, attack is not his only ability. He is a player with physique, good hands and legs to be a good defender.

So Tyson Carter It will be the last piece of Unicaja 2022/2023. We will have to wait hours or days for its incorporation to be official, but the lack of news is not bad news. You just have to wait for the Zenit Saint Petersburg send the necessary documentation so that the signing can be announced as soon as possible.

The work in the sports management is already done at the end of July. The first part of the reconversion process has generated hope in the «Green Tide». The responsibility is now directed towards the benches. In the meantime, Tyson Carter It will be the culmination of a great project 22/23.


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