Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Nida Dar: PAK female cricketer took this step against Australia, creating ruckus in the cricket world

The first month of the year 2023 is not over yet and many controversies have been seen in the cricket world. A new controversy has now emerged from women’s cricket, where there has been an uproar over the ODI match between Pakistan and Australia. Pakistan’s senior player Nida Dar did something while batting, which has created a stir in the Australian media and cricket world.

One-day match was played between Australia and Pakistan women’s team at North Sydney Oval on Saturday. Australia made a big score of 336 here, in response Pakistan’s team was able to score only 235 runs. In the end Australia won the match by 101 runs.

Actually, it happened in the match that in the 27th over of the innings, when Pakistan’s Nida Dar was batting, she left the crease just before the bowler bowled the ball. The ball went straight to the stumps and Australia appealed. Although the umpire called it a dead ball, but objection was raised that Nida Dar had moved in front of the stump with a lot of delay.

During the match, the commentators called it a lifeline and said that according to the rules, you have to move away from the stump before the bowler throws the ball or during the runup itself. But here Nida Dar did not do this and she was late in front of the stump and it should be considered as out.

Commentators raised many questions
Former cricketer Alex Bracewell, doing commentary, said that when you take a stance and slam the bat down, then it is clear that you are ready to play the ball. Nida Dar survived this time, she will have to be very careful from now on. Australian media also got angry on this and Channel 9 reporter Mark said that it should have been out, many things are done in cricket. But the bowler should not wait that long for any batsman.

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