Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Neymar is not a better player than me: Mohamed Qudus

Sports Desk: 22-year-old Ghanaian midfielder Mohammed Qudus. He is considered quite talented in the current generation. So compared to Neymar?

Yes, this comparison was made by Qudus himself. Not only compared to the Brazilian superstar, Kudus also believes he is a better player than Neymar. News from The Guardian.

“He (Neymar) is not a better player than me,” said Mohammad Qudus. He’s just a higher profile player than me, that’s all. He is Neymar, Brazil’s captain and superstar. I am Mohamed Qudus, talented Ghanaian midfielder and budding superstar.’

Brazil faced Ghana in a friendly last September. Brazil won the match 3-0. At one stage of the match, Kudus got into a discussion with Neymar.

Kudus said about that incident, ‘He spoke for his country, I am from my country. It wasn’t like I was pushing him around. Maybe he has achieved a lot now, so he is good. I will also reach that place very soon.’

Will Neymar meet again in this World Cup? Ghana is in Group ‘H’, Brazil in ‘G’. So there is definitely a possibility of meeting in the last sixteen.

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