Thursday, March 23, 2023

New Zealand Prime Minister Ardern announces his resignation

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced her resignation from her post at a press conference today. “I’m entering my sixth year on the job, and for each of those years, I gave my all,” Ardern said in a written statement.

Jacinda Ardern became Prime Minister of New Zealand at the age of 37 as leader of the Labor Party in 2017, making her the youngest female government leader in the world. Ardern made a press statement today, announcing that he will resign from his position as Prime Minister and together with the Leader of the Labor Party as of February 7. Ardern used the following statements on the subject from his personal social media account;

“I’m entering my sixth year on the job. And for each of those years, I gave my all. I believe running a country is one of the most privileged but also the most challenging jobs a person can have. And you shouldn’t.” Announcing that the general elections in New Zealand will be on October 14, Ardern said, “I am declaring that I will not stand for re-election and that my term as Prime Minister will end on February 7 at the latest. It has been the most satisfying five and a half years of my life. But it has also had its challenges. Emphasizing that he did not leave because of the difficulty of the job, Ardern said, “I am leaving because with such a privileged task comes responsibility. It is the responsibility of knowing when you are the right person to lead and when you are not.”


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