Monday, December 4, 2023

New Zealand in the semi-finals by defeating Sri Lanka today, if…

With the hopes of playing the semi-finals in the ODI World Cup, today Sri Lanka is facing the famous ‘Black Caps’ New Zealand. If they win this match, their chances of reaching the semis will be strong.

But in this case, New Zealand will have to look at the match between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Because, all three teams have equal number of wins (4), equal number of losses (4). Everyone has one game left.

Pakistan will play their last match against England who are ranked 7th in the points table. If they win, Pakistan will survive in the semi-finals, and if they lose, they will be eliminated. Same situation in Afghanistan.

Next up is the war-torn nation’s game against second-placed South Africa in the points table, who have already secured a place in the semi-finals. Very tough match. The chances of the Afghans winning are slim.

However, it is a different story when an accident occurs. In that case, if all the three teams New Zealand-Pakistan-Afghanistan win their last match, then the net run rate will be calculated. Those who will be ahead, will be the fourth team to the semis.

In the current world cup, three teams have already confirmed the ticket for the semi. Hosts India, South Africa of ‘Chokar’ fame and five-time world champions Australia. Need another team.

Who is that group? We will have to wait for three more matches to find out. It could be New Zealand or Pakistan, and if something goes wrong, Afghanistan can also get a ticket to the semis.

Cricket analysts say that New Zealand has the most potential. Because, in the form they are in throughout the World Cup, Sri Lanka will have to gain momentum to beat them. On the other hand, the English can give a death bite to Pakistan in the last match.

On the other hand, since the Afghans are playing this season’s top favorites South Africa, there is little chance of the Afghans winning unless something goes wrong. As a result, Kiwi will be relieved if they win today’s match. But let’s see what happens in the end.

(09 November/AJ)


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