Sunday, June 4, 2023

New York’s luxurious Roosevelt hotel will reopen to accommodate immigrants with children

The Mayor of New York, Eric Adamsreported this Saturday that the centenary and iconic roosevelt hotelnamed after former President Theodore Roosevelt and which closed three years ago, will reopen to accommodate families immigrants with children, who continue to come to the city.

It will also settle in this luxury hotel on Calle 45 in Manhattansteps from Fifth Avenue and the famous station Grand Central, the ninth Emergency Humanitarian Aid and Response Center and various services will also be offered, such as medical assistance, among others.

The mayor explained in a statement that the Roosevelt Hotel, which opened in 1924 and closed during the pandemic 2020, it will function as a centralized intake center for all asylum seekers and also provide them with a range of legal servicesdoctors and reconnection with families and friends, as well as placing them in a shelter.

Asylum seekers, who arrive in buses to the Ports Authority, or to the airport, they will be directed to this new arrival center.

Immigrants who are already in hostels They can also go to the Roosevelt to receive a variety of services.

Starting this week, the hotel 19 floors and a thousand rooms, which adds to the 120 hotels that the city has already contracted to house immigrants after overcrowding in public shelters, will have available 175 rooms for children and their families, a space that will expand until it reaches the 850 bedrooms.

Adams also indicated that between 100 and 150 rooms will be reserved for immigrants who will continue their journey to other states.

It is expected to increase the wave of immigrants to the city after the end of the Title 42 launched under the pandemic and which allowed the immediate expulsion for health reasons of immigrants who crossed the border without documents.

NY has received more than 65,000 immigrants since last August and more than 30,000 They are in shelters that are also given food and various services, which has created a humanitarian and economic crisis.

Two buses arrived on Friday and three more arrived today, all sent by the Republican governor of Texas, Greg Abottwhich since last year has been sending undocumented immigrants to sanctuary cities for immigrants.

“We continue to ask our partners feds and state for a true decompression strategy and hope to open and operate temporary shelters across the state and nation as the city has reached capacity,” the Democratic mayor reiterated.

Adams has also begun sending migrants to hotels outside of the city, sparking legal disputes over localities refusing to receive them.

The city has had to open more than 140 shelters emergency and eight humanitarian aid centers, to which the Roosevelt Hotel will be added. Adams has asked for federal financial help, which has so far been unsuccessful.

The Roosevelt, owned by Pakistan International Airlines, features an Italian Renaissance-style façade as well as interiors that resemble historic American buildings.


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