Wednesday, December 6, 2023

New York asks Biden for more federal resources to accommodate the large number of migrants

The Governor of New York, the Democrat Kathy Hochulwrote this Friday to the US president, Joe Bidento ask for more federal resources to welcome the large number of migrants that are expected to arrive in the state for the purpose of the so-called Title 42a regulation that allowed the immediate expulsion of migrants for reasons of public health.

In a publicly released letter, Hochul called for the immediate construction of temporary shelters on land and property owned by the federal government such as national parks and military installations.

According to the governor, it is necessary to use any available space to guarantee newcomers public services basics, especially accommodation.

In this sense, he recalled that the city of NY It no longer has a place in its reception system, through which it is sheltering 36,700 migrants, and has been forced to use numerous hotels, already occupying more than 40% of the mid-level rooms in the Big Apple.

“Given the magnitude of the crisis humanitarian situation, the state lacks the necessary infrastructure, facilities and resources to respond to the demand to accommodate and respond to other basic needs of the large number of migrants who arrive,” he said in the letter.

In recent days, the authorities of New York have taken several emergency measures to try to guarantee that asylum seekers arriving from the border with Mexico are cared for and have insistently demanded more support from Washington.

According to municipal figures, since last spring Almost 61,000 migrants have arrived in New York City and currently close to 37,000 are housed by the Mayor in hotels and other facilities.

Many of those people came to the Big Apple on buses. chartered by Texas authorities, a policy Highly criticized by the New York mayor, Eric Adams, who, however, has also resorted to the same methods, facilitating the travel of migrants to Canada to alleviate the situation in the city.

In recent days, it has also become known that Adams plans to send migrants to Hotels Rockland County, north of the city, which has been flatly rejected by local authorities, who are trying to block those shipments, even by legal means.

The politician, of Democratic Party Like Hochul and Biden, he has warned that in recent days the arrival of asylum seekers has increased and has criticized the lack of measures by the White House.


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