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New Bicimad: how to use it for free, what’s new and more

when you read this, the new Bicimad it will already be running. A relaunch of a service that has been harshly criticized by the people of Madrid in recent years due to the constant problems that the service has suffered. But it seems that things are going to change with this revolution, according to its official page. The Bicimad revolution it’s here. And also, free for a limited time.

From midnight on March 6 to 7, the old and new Bicimad will coexist for a few weeks. To the old Bicimad, premiered eight years ago, 700 bicycles join him new for put an end to criticism and the decrease in users, especially in recent years. The solution: new, modern, robust and safe bicycles. And electric. And to convince the most disbelievers, the new service will be free for a few months.

What is Bicimad?

In case you are from outside Madrid or have just arrived in the city, you have to know that Bicimad is the public bicycle rental and lending service. Behind this service is the Madrid City Council. It was initially released about eight years ago. But it’s just over relaunch to fix the mess of a few years ago and that caused many users to abandon the service by other means of transport such as the electric scooter or the suburban.

As explained on its official page, Bicimad offers 7,500 bicycles and 611 stations distributed throughout the 21 districts of the city of Madrid. To use the bikes you need to download the official app to your phone, available for Android and for iPhone. In the application you will find the map with the stations and bikes available. You can too consult the map on your website.

New Bicimad

What innovations does the new Bicimad add?

The new Bicimad goes from having 264 stations to 611. And from a fleet of 2,964 vehicles to 7,500. These figures are not yet final. They will go progressively incorporating. To begin with, 700 bicycles of the new model are united, and the old bicycles are maintained. Y. To the current stations, 60 new ones are added, for the moment. Hence, for a few weeks, the old and new Bicimad coexist. But for Julythe new system should already be implemented.

For now, the new seasonsThe most modern ones will be available in the districts of Arganzuela, Carabanchel, Chamartín, Ciudad Lineal, Fuencarral–El Pardo, Hortaleza, Latina, Moncloa–Aravaca, Moratalaz, Puente de Vallecas, San Blas–Canillejas, Tetuán and Usera.

Regarding new bikes of Bicimad, they have a screen that shows the speed and the state of the battery. have some 70 kilometers of autonomy and bright brakes. They also offer space for store light luggage like a basket

Free bike, but until when?

To recover users disappointed with the old Bicimad and to encourage the rest of the citizens of Madrid, the new Bicimad is launched with a free subscription of almost five months. This free subscription is activated when the subscriber migrates his account to MPASS or when they register for the first time.

MPASS is the system of single account of the EMT, the Municipal Transport Company of Madrid. It serves “to move around Madrid without the need for money. Safely and comfortably.” MPASS is integrated into the Bicimad application. For create your MPASS profileyou just have to enter your data and register a bank card to make payments.

Refering to free of the new BicimadIt has small print. Free is 30 minutes per trip for occasional users, from March 7 to July 31. and for the current subscribers, free is four months according to those dates. In both cases, free does not include Bicimad Gothe service that does not need to leave the bicycle anchored.

New BicimadNew Bicimad

How much will the new service cost?

When the free offer ends, the new Bicimad will cost 25 euros for annual subscribers and 15 euros for annual subscribers with a transport pass in the Regional Transport Consortium of the Community of Madrid.

For occasional users: the occasional subscription for the first hour or fraction, costs 2 euros. And for the second hour or fraction, 4 euros. more prices. The first fraction of 30 minutes costs 0.50 euros. The next fraction of 30 minutes, 0.60 euros. If you exceed two hours, by hour or fraction, the penalty it is 4 euros. On the other hand, there bonuses of 0.10 euros if you choose a bicycle at a station with more than 70% occupancy, for returning it at a station with less than 30% occupancy or for reserving anchorage at destination. This last bonus is not cumulative with the return bonus.

How do I sign up?

If you were already a Bicimad user, all you have to do is migrate your account to MPASS. You can do it from the Bicimad application itself. If you are new to Bicimad, you can also sign up from the application. The app is used to manage the entire service, so you won’t need anything else.

youtube videoyoutube video

Coexistence between the old and new system

Until July 31, the old and new Bicimad will coexist, since the old bicycle models and the old docking stations are maintained. So any user, old or new, can benefit from both systems. good with the card of the old system or with the application of both systems.

It should be remembered that from the application you can scan the anchor QR code to unlock the chosen bike. Or of padlockin the old stations. At the end of the trip, in the old stations you have to “park the bike in front of a free anchor. Without getting the front wheel up on the platform, he leaves the bike on its kickstand.” Then the padlock closes until the green light comes on. And, finally, the end of the trip is notified from the app.

youtube videoyoutube video

How does the new Bicimad work?

The new stations work directly with the Bicimad application available for Android and for iPhone. With the app, the QR of the anchor is scanned to unlock the bicycle. And at the end of the trip, the bicycle is anchored in a free anchor and wait for the light to turn on green light. The Red light indicates that it is poorly anchored.

And if something goes wrong?

Although everything should go through the app, if you have any trouble register or to anchor or unanchor the bicyclesyou can contact the Customer Service Office through the free number 900 878 331. You can also find out about all the news on the official website of the new Bicimad.

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