Friday, December 2, 2022

Netflix prepares the assault on PC games with a ‘AAA’ title

Netflix He has once again made it clear that he has very ambitious plans in the world of video games. And although his first steps in the industry have not been the best, the company wants to hit with a top-level game —also called AAA— for PC.

The novelty was known through a job search posted on the streaming service’s website. Netflix wants to hire a director to take over the project in Los Angeles, California, and things seem to be serious.

It is that, although not many details are given regarding the game itself, the requirements that Netflix points to speak of an experienced professional. Candidates must have at least 10 years of experience in video game design, with a past in positions such as game director or creative director. In addition, the search is especially aimed at people who have already worked on first and/or third person shooter titles; as well as games as a service.

Beyond taking the reins for the development of his first AAA game for PC, whoever wants to keep the job will have to face a demanding list of responsibilities. Among them, that the title can be prototyped and evolve rapidly using Unreal Engine. But also, since Netflix does not want to stitch without a thread, its story, characters and world will have to be adaptable to a movie or series.

“We are looking for a highly-skilled, creative Game Director to help us forge the direction and creative vision on a new AAA game for PC. […] The right candidate will bring industry-leading experience and attention to detail to deliver the vision of a high-quality, emotionally resonant, iconic, and heart-filled game.”

Netflix wants to go much further than mobile games

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Netflix’s plan to launch into the world of top-tier PC gaming won’t be easy to execute, of course. But it is evident that the US firm is confident that it has the material to achieve it. The streaming platform indicated that its idea is to create a game that seduces the public to return to it regularly; and to achieve this, it promises an environment where there will be no restrictions related to monetization.

Until now, the company’s bet on mobile games has been far from kicking the board. Last August, for example, it became known that less than 1% of total subscribers have used some of their already available titles. And the company knows it still has a ways to go before rubbing shoulders with the biggest names in the industry.

But that does not mean that he cannot go laying the foundations for the future. So far, Netflix has four studios dedicated to the development of video games, although only one is 100% its own. The others have been acquired over the course of the last year, absorbing their intellectual property.

In recent months there has been a lot of talk about the possibility of expand your gaming proposition beyond mobile devices. In fact, a rumor arose that one of his plans would be to offer a platform similar to what Stadia was.

At that time, this option was already mentioned as an alternative to attract those who like to play from a PC or television. However, the picture changes drastically when talking about a fully developed AAA game for computers. en casa.

Be that as it may, Netflix’s strategy to take the world of PC titles by storm won’t give results right away. Of course, the company will have no major problems finding the necessary talent to move forward with the project. But surely we will have to wait a few years to see it materialize.

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