Friday, September 22, 2023

Neighborhood associations call for Rubiales’ resignation

The State Confederation of Neighborhood Associations (CEAV), through its board of directors and its Equality Commission, request the “resignation or dismissal of Luis Rubiales” and demands that “machismo be banished from sport.” The association, through the State Network of Neighborhood Women, demands “that the Royal Spanish Football Federation put an end to the controversy and take exemplary measures to put an end to the abuse of power and machismo in Spanish football”, as reported this Wednesday in a statement.

“We make this request wanting to express, in the first placerespect for a world champion player who is seeing tarnished this moment that would have to be entirely to underline his sporting success. We do it, however, from the responsibility that implies that this action goes unpunished.

Therefore, CEAV denounces “the unfortunate macho and shameful gestures that Luis Rubiales expressed while watching the match and that they do not represent the mood that should prevail in a sports competition”, as well as the “abuse of power involving that the person in charge of the Royal Spanish Football Federation projects the idea that a woman with whom he has an employment relationship should consider it normal, as a result of the excitement of the moment, that she be grabbed by the head with both hands and consent to a kiss in the mouth”.

On the other hand, the neighborhood confederation regrets “thefor lack of consideration when making public statements and rectifications without any type of credibility prior to ridicule that he made of the criticism received, calling “idiots” all the people who raised their voices against an undesirable gesture”.

Given these facts, CEAV demands “the resignation of Luis Rubiales and, if it does not occur, the dismissal by the institution“, since those who “the values ​​that sport embodies such as respect, improvement, cooperation… are what permeate the image of their institutions and their statements”. “For the athletes and for all the women who should never be in a situation like the one described. For a sport free of sexist violence,” the statement concluded.


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