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Neha Bhasin does not want to become a mother, said ‘never wanted to have my own children’

Singer Neha Bhasin, who has sung many great songs like ‘Dhunki’ and ‘Jag Ghoomeya’, is very excited for the times to come. Neha, who recently celebrated her 40th birthday, has participated in ‘Bigg Boss OTT’ and ‘Bigg Boss 15’. Out of this, his journey in Bigg Boss OTT was very controversial.

Neha has now told that after coming back from the show, it took time for her to get back in the right energy. But now she is in a good space and wants to focus on fulfilling her dreams in the times to come. In a recent conversation, Neha also told what she thinks about becoming a mother. While Neha has set many targets for herself at the professional level, in her personal life too, she has thought of doing something that will surprise you.

Neha Bhasin does not want to be a mother
Talking to Hindustan Times, Neha said, ‘I am not going to become a mother in this life.’ Explaining the reason behind this, Neha says, ‘I want to open an orphanage, where I can raise at least 10-12 children, give them education, love and give them the life they deserve.’ Neha further said that she was inclined towards adoption since childhood, but now she is thinking even better.

He said, ‘I have never had such a dream or inclination towards motherhood that I want children of my own. But I always felt a lot for orphans. Right from my childhood, I was clear that I want to take God. But then I realized that instead of adopting just one child, why not do something bigger? In the next two-three years, I will start working towards it.

Trouble came after returning from Bigg Boss
In 2021, Neha was a part of the OTT version of TV’s very popular and controversial reality show Bigg Boss. After this, she also appeared in Bigg Boss 15 and both times a lot of controversies were associated with her name. Regarding the time after her Bigg Boss phase, Neha said, ‘When I came out of the show last year, I felt that I was at my lowest point. Today I have completely come out of all negative things. 20 year old Neha would be proud of 40 year old Neha.


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