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Neena Gupta called Vivian Richards after being pregnant without marriage, asked – If you don’t want this child…

Actress Neena Gupta has always lived her life in a cool way. In those times, when the society used to scold for becoming a mother without marriage, Neena Gupta gave birth to a child and brought it up as a single parent. Neena Gupta had an affair with West Indies cricketer Vivian Richards. Already married Vivian did not marry Nina. In an interview, Neena Gupta told how Vivian reacted after knowing about her pregnancy.

Neena Gupta opened the secrets

When Neena Gupta came to know that she was going to be the mother of Vivian Richards’ child, she immediately told the cricketer about it. Vivian advised Neena Gupta to continue the pregnancy. Neena Gupta told that her family did not support her in this decision. But later his father agreed. In those moments of pregnancy, Neena Gupta’s father came forward as her biggest supporter.

What did Vivian say on Neena Gupta’s pregnancy?

In an interview given to Humans of Bombay, Neena Gupta said – I was not giddy with happiness. But I was happy because I loved Vivian. I called Vivian and asked if you do not want this child, I will not do it. Vivian said – No, no. I would love it if you would keep this baby. Everyone told me – no, no, how will you be able to do all this alone? Because Vivian was already married. I could not marry him and go to Antigua to live. But what happens is that you are blind in youth. When you are in love, you don’t listen to anyone. No child listens to their parents, I was exactly like that.

How did Nina and Vivian meet?

Nina and Vivian met in Jaipur. Then Neena was there on the shoot of her film. The Queen of Jaipur invited the film’s cast and West Indies cricketer Vivian Richards for dinner. Nina met Vivian at this dinner. His daughter Masaba is a famous designer and actor. Neena never kept her daughter Masaba in the dark.

Nina says- Me and Vivian were in contact for some time and not for some time. But I told everything frankly to Masaba. It is necessary to tell the truth to the child, otherwise he will come to know this truth from someone else. Nina told that it was not easy to raise the daughter alone. It was difficult to balance professional and personal life. But in this difficult time, Neena Gupta was supported a lot by her father.

Neena Gupta married Chartered Accountant Vivek Mehra in 2008. Neena is happy in her married life. Talking about Neena Gupta’s work front, her stars are on the rise. Neena is giving back to back hits. His last release movie is Uthai. It is being liked a lot.


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