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Natxo González: “Coaches don’t unpack”

Football is about results and Natxo González knows it perfectly. In statements to Cope Málaga, the Málaga CF coach once again highlighted that his players work at a good pace and do things well although what the scoreboard says at the end of the game does not accompany. “Results prevail and are indefensible, but we are evolving. It’s not easy, but I’m happy and satisfied, is what I could imagine when planning. We’re short on points,” she commented.

Even so, the coach stresses that performance depends on the area of ​​the pitch. “At a defensive level we are fine, but we have a serious problem in the last few meters. The most important thing, because we arrived, we played but that doesn’t allow us to win. In the opposite area we are not fine”, he pointed out.

In his opinion, the responsibility for what happens on the pitch is shared. “We must all feel responsible, the forwards and the rest, we cannot look the other way. This belongs to everyone. We do many things well, but the result covers everything. When a team is in trouble it’s because there are players who are not doing well. Of course, there is a margin of attitude, we have a good one, but you have to be at a good optimal point. On an individual level, we all have to give more.”

The seven points that are away from the relegation places are a good cushion, although not enough to breathe easily. “I’m not worried, I’m restless,” said the coach from Vitoria. “I know that it is difficult to convince people, I would be worried if they had put three of us in Fuenlabrada. I know it’s hard to appreciate and for people to see it differently.” He remains positive and highlighted that he is going to leave “everything so that Málaga achieves its objective, I am sure that we are going to achieve it”.

Natxo González: "Coaches don't unpack"

There was also time to individually analyze some members of the staff, professionals, and subsidiaries. The youth squad Loren is, perhaps, one of the footballers that the fans of La Rosaleda are most looking forward to seeing. Natxo commented that “there is no problem with him. There was a confection, it is decided that he will go down to the subsidiary at the time, I arrive now and I have four forwards. Draws attention and scores goals, but in Third. Let’s be careful with these kinds of kids.” Another youth squad that stands out is Kevin. “He had an amazing appearance, I saw it myself and wondered where this guy came from. He generated covers, he was a starter, but then you don’t see him as much anymore, he had tickets, injuries, rivals began to know him… The downturn phase and the pause arrive. They are very young, a series of expectations are generated that can lead to frustration. You have to be very careful”.

And then, the two great unknowns of this course: Gassama and Antoñín. Regarding the striker, ‘the panther’, the coach emphasized that there is no problem with his attitude and that the player “he’s having a bad time”. “He’s had a lot of problems this year. I need everyone and he needs to be physically fit to give his best version as for the man from Malaga, he assured that he has already spoken with him: “We all need each other, I know that everyone wants to play. With the five changes, someone who enters the 60 can be decisive in a match. I like to move the players and nobody falls asleep”.

On a personal level, he didn’t get wet about his future: “Coaches don’t unpack, I hope I can be here for a long time, but I imagine it will depend on the results. I dedicate all my energy of the day to trying to improve everything and try to win games. I came here to work, from home to La Rosaleda and so on. I haven’t seen anything from Malaga, I haven’t had time to see anything I have come to work, there will be time”.


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