Thursday, June 8, 2023

NATO Secretary General meets with President of Ukraine

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg met with President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenski in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine.

In a statement from NATO regarding the visit, it was stated that NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg paid a visit to the capital Kiev to meet with President of Ukraine Zelenski and his government and attended a joint press conference. Speaking at the joint press conference, Stoltenberg pointed out that NATO allies have trained tens of thousands of Ukrainian soldiers over the years and have provided Ukraine with more than 150 billion euros in support since the beginning of the invasion. “The Allies are now providing more jets, tanks and armored vehicles, and NATO’s Ukraine funding provides immediate support. All this makes a real difference on the battlefield today. Ukraine deserves a place in the Euro-Atlantic family. Ukraine deserves it,” Stoltenberg said. The place is in NATO. And over time, our support will help make that possible. We don’t know when this war will end, but we know that Russian aggression is a toxic pattern that must be stopped. That’s why we must continue to strengthen the Ukrainian armed forces. And for Ukraine’s security, solid and strong “We have to make sure the regulations are in place,” he said.

It was also stated that Stoltenberg visited Bucha and laid a wreath on the memorial wall of those who lost their lives for Ukraine.

Zelenski, on the other hand, made a statement regarding Stoltenberg’s visit on his official Telegram account, stating that this was Stoltenberg’s first visit to Ukraine since the beginning of the war, and said, “We interpret this as a sign that the alliance is ready to open a new page in relations with Ukraine in which ambitious decisions are made.” .


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