Saturday, January 28, 2023

Nate (Ted Lasso) stars in Apple’s hilarious new privacy video

Apple has taken advantage of the Data Protection Day –which will be on January 28– to make two announcements related to privacy. The idea is, on the one hand, to reaffirm their commitment to it and, on the other, to make people aware of its importance and how they can protect their data using the brand’s products.

The first of the announcements is a short video posted on Apple’s YouTube channel which has been dubbed “A day in the life of ordinary someone’s data”. It shows fragments of any given day in which the protagonist shares, without being aware of it, personal or sensitive data with other companies. Purchases, Internet searches, location data, etc. The clip also shows some of the functions that the brand has implemented in its devices to stop the unwanted sending of this information to third-party companies.

the video is also starring actor Nick Mohammedwho plays Nate in ted lasso, one of the most popular series on Apple TV+. In the clip an Apple product expert appears next to him who contextualizes and informs both the risks and the possible solutions offered by the brand’s devices.

youtube video

Sessions premiere Today at Apple focused on privacy

The second initiative with which Apple has wanted to accompany this Data Protection Day is the premiere of Protect your privacy on iPhonea new session of Today at Apple with which it seeks to raise awareness about the value of data and, above all, how to stop the unwanted sending of the same using functions present in the brand’s mobile.

In the aforementioned session – which will take place twice a week in the Apple Store and will last approximately 30 minutes – functions such as Mail Privacy Protection either security check. Tracking control between applications will also be shown, how to prevent apps from accessing the mobile location, etc.

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