Monday, December 11, 2023

NameDrop is coming to Apple Watch to make exchanging phone numbers easier

One of the most useful features of iOS 17 is yet to hit the apple watch. NameDropthe function that Allows you to exchange phone numbers just by bringing the phones closer, it would debut in watchOS 10.

The most recent beta of the operating system adds support for NameDrop, so two people will be able to share contacts using their Apple Watch. This addition works in the same way as with the iPhone, that is, it is enough for users to bring their smartwatch closer to activate the interface. Doing so will bring up a small window displaying the contact’s information and receiving and sharing options.

The function was discovered by @aaronp613, a user who often rummages through source code looking for new features. NameDrop can also be triggered manually when sharing My card inside the app Contacts.

It is worth saying that this option is only available in beta 5 of watchOS 10, so both users would need to install it. NameDrop works between two iPhones running the iOS 17 beta, as well as between an iPhone and Apple Watch.

If you don’t have any and are averse to installing trialware, you’ll have to wait for the final version that will arrive in September 2023.

What is NameDrop and how it works

NameDrop is a feature in iOS 17 that allows you to share phone numbers using AirDrop. If you just met someone, You will no longer have to add the name and number manually from the Contacts app. Just bring the iPhone closer to activate it and select the desired option.

This feature debuted during the iOS 17 presentation at WWDC 2023. NameDrop is the answer to many users who were asking for an intuitive way to share their information. While AirDrop is useful for sending photos and files to other users, it doesn’t work the same way for phones.

To use NameDrop in iOS 17 it is essential to activate airdrop and select the option All inside in the menu General in Setting. This step is important, since if you have it deactivated or limited to your contacts, you will not be able to receive the information of another person.

Once the above is done, just hold your iPhone close to someone else’s and wait for their contact cards to appear on the screen to be able to share them. The transfer will take place at the press of a button, no matter if it is interrupted by separating the devices.

Although Apple announced support from iPhone to Apple Watch, watchOS 10 beta 5 demonstrates that it is possible to use NameDrop between two Apple Watches. The requirements to activate it and its operation are identical to the version for iOS 17.

Apple will release iOS 17 and watchOS 10 during the iPhone 15 announcement event. Although there is no set date yet, it usually happens in the second week of September.

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