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Nagarjuna took tips from Salman Khan to host Bigg Boss, said – Seeing him…

The fever of Bigg Boss speaks loudly to the audience not only in North India but also in South. Yes, the Bigg Boss reality show is so famous that it has become a force to be reckoned with in the Telugu industry as well. Bigg Boss Telugu is hosted by superstar Nagarjuna Akkikeni. Recently, Nagarjuna had a special conversation with Pinkvilla about this show and told that he sees Salman Khan to get hosting tips.

learned hosting from salman

The euphoria of Bigg Boss is such that even in the South, people are crazy about this show. We are not talking about the Hindi version of Big Boss but the Telugu version. Nagarjuna, who is hosting the Bigg Boss Telugu show, told how it was difficult for him to host the show earlier. He felt that he was putting a leg in someone’s work. But that is the format of this show, isn’t it? Which he understood after seeing the Hindi version of this show. He calmly saw Salman Khan hosting the show.

Nagarjuna said- ‘The first season was very difficult for me. But then I did it with a lot of fun. Like Salman Khan hosts Bigg Boss Hindi. He hosts this show with a lot of fun, laughing and joking. I also made my base entertainment. After that a lot of fun started. Comedy started happening in the games we gave them to play. I also started talking to all the contestants with the same entertainment. I couldn’t have learned more from anyone than this.

Nagarjuna watches every version of the show

Nagarjuna told that he keeps watching every version of Bigg Boss to see what is going on in them. Taking lessons from them, they try on their shows as well. Nagarjuna said- “I watch Hindi Big Boss. I always see I watch Kamal Haasan ji’s Big Boss Tamil. After this, I also watch Mohanlal ji’s Big Boss Malayalam. I watch and write pointers. I watch all the shows to learn something or the other. I see how these people are performing. How are you dealing. I love how there are so many updates.

Nagarjuna was recently seen playing the role of Anish in the Bollywood pan India movie Brahmastra. Where he has been shown a superpower like Nandiastra. Only 15 minutes of Nagarjuna’s role was shown in the film. Because of this, the fans also appeared very angry. There is a lot of buzz in social media regarding the film. The film is breaking new records every day at the box office. On the opening day itself, the film did a business of about 200 crores world wide.


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