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MWC 2023: These were the five presentations that most surprised the technological congress in Spain

The Fira Barcelona witnessed one of the most important conventions in the technology and cell phone industry. The took place from Monday, February 27 to this Thursday, March 2.

The event concluded with positive feelings about what happened in Barcelona, ​​although in principle cell phones (the main focus of this congress) lost prominence, due to the rest of the technological developments presented.

Let us then make a brief summary of the highlights of MWC 2023, according to the review Urban Techno. Cell phones, gadgets, software and marketing news from some manufacturers stood out at the international meeting.

Nokia and its new logo

The folks at Nokia didn’t come to MWC 2023 with a great device to present. Despite this, a corporate move left everyone present surprised. The Finnish telephone company changed its logo and this is what its business brand now looks like.

New Nokia 2023 logo.

Xiaomi and its Augmented Reality glasses

Eternal promises of VR glasses come and go from different manufacturers. Xiaomi took advantage of MWC 2023 to announce theirs. They have a mini LED screen on each lens and a brightness of 1200 nits. They are powered by a Snapdragon XR 2 Gen 1 microchip.

Do you want ultra fast charging? The new Realme GT3 is the answer

240 W is enough to hit the weight in matters of ultra-fast charging. With this power, the realme GT3 reaches 0 to 20% in just 80 seconds.

Folding Lenovo mobile phones and notebooks?

The people of Lenovo had the ability to present a cell phone and a notebook called “foldable tech.” They could only be seen, no one could touch them. A clear sign that the technology is not available to the public but is close to being launched.


motorola rollable

The people at Motorola are pioneers in foldables. The different lines of Razr that have been coming out in recent years, including the one announced at MWC 2023, are the most reliable proof of this statement.

Taking out a rollable cell phone is daring to new designs that obviously require new technologies. The cell phone is physically small. In its conventional size it only has a 5-inch screen.

Rollable Motorola


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