Thursday, March 30, 2023

MWC 2023: Motorola presents a rollable cell phone and we show you a video of how it works spectacularly

. The Fira Barcelona convention center in Spain has been the setting for telephone manufacturers to present the latest in their technology.

The new version of the Razr seemed like it was going to be the highlight. But the device for satellite connection took center stage. And now, they are taking advantage of the hype moment to present their first rollable cell phone.

The people at Motorola are pioneers in foldables. The different lines of Razr that have been coming out in recent years, including the one announced at MWC 2023, are the most reliable proof of this statement.

Taking out a rollable cell phone is daring to new designs that obviously require new technologies.

According to what you review computer today, the cell phone is physically small. In its conventional size it only has a 5-inch screen.

When folded it grows to 6.5′. It is much thicker than the Motorola families of cell phones, because it has to be supported for the times it is opened for use.

Apart from the video that we are going to share below, there are not many more details about the Motorola roller. It has already shown its first face, but it has not yet been launched on the market for commercialization.


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