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Mumbai Police detained Rakhi Sawant, the reason is Sherlyn Chopra

Big news has come about Rakhi Sawant. Rakhi Sawant has been detained by the Mumbai Police. Sherlyn Chopra has shared this information about Rakhi by tweeting. Some time ago, Sherlyn Chopra lodged a complaint against Rakhi Sawant with the Mumbai Police. At the same time, taking action in the case, the police has taken Rakhi into custody.

Sherlyn Chopra tweeted

On January 19, Sherlyn Chopra tweeted, ‘Breaking news Amboli police has taken Rakhi Sawant into custody in connection with FIR 883/2022. Rakhi Sawant’s ABA 1870/2022 was dismissed by the Mumbai Sessions Court yesterday.

What did Sherlyn say about Rakhi In a conversation with, Sherlyn said, ‘I had filed a complaint against Rakhi on 9th November. Rakhi has unnecessarily jumped into the fight between Mary and Bollywood. He had no need to intervene in the ongoing fight between my Sajid Khan and Raj Kundra. Not only this, he has shared my intimate pictures in front of the media and publicly. It has been said about me that I am in prostitution. I had filed a defamation case because of such a cheap allegation.

‘His bail was rejected yesterday. Today, after going to his house, the police caught him. Right now he is with me in the police station. His phone has been confiscated. Sherlyn further says, ‘Adil came to me and was saying sorry to me that I should forgive Rakhi, but I am not going to do so. Firstly, they should not have interfered in my matter and secondly, the way they have ruined my honour. He can’t tolerate me. The police is doing its job.

What is the matter?

After the start of Bigg Boss 16, Sherlyn Chopra expressed her displeasure over Sajid Khan on the makers. Sherlyn said that the person who has exploited many girls. He has no right to be in the show. After this, Sherlyn had reached the police with a complaint against Sajid Khan.

Rakhi Sawant considers Sajid Khan as her brother. That’s why he called Sherlyn’s allegations completely wrong. In conversation with paparazzi, Rakhi Sawant spoke many things against Sherlyn. Sherlyn got angry after hearing lewd comments about herself from Rakhi’s mouth and went to the police to lodge her complaint. However, before Sherlyn Chopra, Rakhi Sawant lodged a complaint against her with the Mumbai Police.

After getting the report written in the police, Sherlyn had made a tweet at that time also. While tweeting, Sherlyn writes, complaint has been filed under section 499, section 500, section 509 and section 503. This complaint of Sherlyn was lodged at Juhu Police Station. While tweeting this, the actress also wrote, ‘The gimmick Rakhi Sawant get ready to be arrested.’

Apart from registering a complaint against Rakhi, Sherlyn also wrote a letter to Maharashtra CM Eknath Shinde and the police. In this letter, Sherlyn made a serious allegation of molestation on Sajid Khan. Rakhi Sawant also filed a defamation case against Sherlyn Chopra in Mumbai’s Oshiwara police station in November.

Currently Rakhi is in police custody. Let’s see where this war between Rakhi and Sherlyn ends.

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