Friday, December 8, 2023

MSB: Grain Corridor Agreement will continue at technical level

The Ministry of National Defense (MSB), regarding the four-way meeting held in Istanbul for the extension of the Grain Corridor Agreement, said, “The parties agreed on the continuation of the works for the effective continuation of the Grain Initiative at the technical level, hosted by Turkey and in a quadratic format. remained,” he said.

In the written statement made by the Ministry, within the scope of bilateral and multilateral meetings held in Istanbul, hosted by Turkey, on 10-11 May 2023, with Ukraine, the Russian Federation and the United Nations; It was stated that useful meetings were held for 2 days with the constructive approaches of the parties, and the following was stated:

“The parties expressed their positive approach regarding the coordination of the return of our merchant ships and their crews stuck in Ukrainian ports due to conflict conditions, the planning and execution of the evacuation activity. In addition, this operation will serve as a model for the evacuation of ships from other countries stranded in Ukrainian ports in the coming period. A consensus was reached on supporting the studies to be carried out in this direction. Since the day it was signed, positive and constructive progress has been made in the Black Sea Grain Initiative, which has a vital importance in terms of world food supply and security, and which contributes significantly to the stability of food prices around the world. It has been agreed by the parties that the works will continue at the technical level, hosted by Turkey and in a four-way format, in order to ensure that they continue their activities in a way that will enable them to continue their activities.


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