Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Mother considers it haraam to become an actor, it took 5 years to convince the family members, beat her father too

The director of Kannada film Belbottom, Jayatirtha is bringing the film ‘Banaras’. Talking about time travel, Zaid Khan is going to make his acting debut with this film. The trailer of this pan India film of Zaid was launched in a grand manner. On the occasion, special guest Arbaaz Khan had come to cheer up Zaid.

Excited Zaid says about his first film, his childhood dream has finally come true. Zaid is not happy seeing himself on the silver screen. However, Zaid says that the struggle for him to reach here was not less.

Hearing about becoming an actor, Papa beat him up
During a conversation with Aajtak.in, Zaid says, I come from a very stable family in Bangalore. We are a family business and I have got every facility which everyone aspires for. But I have my own struggles to reach films. My parents never wanted me to become an actor. Even if I don’t do anything, it is still acceptable but I cannot become an actor. It took me almost five years to convince them.

When he first told his father that he wanted to become an actor, there was a lot of abuse and even beating. I had also requested one of my family friend Uncle, who is also a producer, to convince my parents. He had tried a lot too. My father agreed but mother is still a little angry. According to the mother, acting is considered haram in our religion. Although I believe that an actor has neither any religion nor any caste, only he is an artist.

Will never come on OTT
Let me tell you, Zaid came to Mumbai and did his training from Anupam Kher’s Acting Academy. Through this film, Zaid is going to step into Pan India. Zaid aspires to work with Sanjay Leela Bhansali in Bollywood. However, Zaid has already decided that he will never go on OTT.

On avoiding OTT, Zaid says, I want to be a star since childhood and the power of a star is felt when he appears on the silver screen. I may do five films in my life but they will be for the big screen only. If I had to come on OTT only, then I have many options to earn money, I will handle the business of the house.

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