Thursday, March 30, 2023

Morente prevents the triumphant return of Pacheta to Elche

A goal from Tete Morente in the extension allowed Elche to add this Saturday a point against Real Valladolid, who paid for his overconfidence and was on the point of even losing a match that he had completely controlled after playing the last minutes with eight players.

The match, with hardly any intensity and easily controlled by José Rojo ‘Pacheta”s team, unexpectedly unraveled in discount, when Elche’s goal came accompanied by two expulsions that gave the local team the option of adding a victory that seemed impossible.

The match started in the worst possible way for Elche and in the best for Valladolid, since in minute 4 a shot from Larin, after a pass from Olaza, ended up in the net after hitting Magallán in the face of Edgar Badía’s impotence.

The goal woke up Elche, who seconds later and as a reflex act He had the option to tie after a personal action by Lucas Boyé that Asenjo neutralized with a great save. After the initial shooting, Real Valladolid slowed down the game by stretching their possessions at the rate set by Aguado.

Elche, without the vertigo or the depth of other occasions, found in the actions from set pieces, such as a free kick from Mascarell or a header from Boyé after a corner kick, the possibility of going around the Valladolid area.

With the passing of the minutes Elche advanced linesalthough without creating danger, against a Valladolid team that was content to handle the ball without ambition or depth.

The match was losing intensity, possibly due to the heat, which oforced to recover the hydration pause, after which Valladolid returned better.

Pacheta’s team was once again close to the goal in an action in which Larin, with everything in his favor, he did not know how to control and resolve against Badía in the last dangerous action of the first period.

Elche did not improve after the break despite the entry into the field of Tete Morente and Ponce, and Valladolid, little demanded, he was encouraged to show something more ambitious with an omnipresent Aguado in the elaboration and Larin always threatening on point. the meeting was consumed without anything happening in the areas until a double opportunity starring Morente and Boyé, aborted by Asenjo, it ignited the Elche spark again.

Elche, spurred on by their fans, went ahead with everything and began to produce arrivals and crosses into the area, although without a shot. The new hydration break, protested by the Elche players, and the experience of Valladolid, who knew how to anesthetize the game in the last minutes with substitutions and loss of time, neutralized the local rush.

Elche, an orphan of football, pulled caste until the end against Valladolid, in inferiority due to Machis’s injury. Morente’s goal, after a rebound, in the 95th minute rewarded the local tenacity and sent Valladolid off center, who he lost Hongla and Roque Mesa in a brawl shortly after, driven out. Elche, unleashed, went for the game and had the chance to win with a shot from Guti that Asenjo caught. The final point was a slight reward for the Elche team and a harsh punishment for Valladolid, who paid for their lack of ambition in the second half with a draw.


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