Monday, December 11, 2023

More than 20,000 Hondurans deported in 2023, the majority from Mexico and the US.

The immigration authorities of Mexico, United States, Central America and Europe 20,479 Hondurans have been deported this year, including 4,265 minors, who left the country fleeing situations of violence and poverty, an official source reported Monday.

According to data released by the National Migration Institute (INM), Honduras received between January and May 1 a total of 9,988 people deported from Mexico.

United States deported 9,776 Honduran citizens who were arrested for illegally entering that country, according to statistics.

Another 557 Hondurans were deported from countries of Central Americawhile 158 were repatriated from a dozen Latin American and European countries, said the same source.

The statistics Officials indicate that deportations from the United States alone decreased by 30.6% compared to 14,082 cases in the same period of 2022.

In USA Around a million Hondurans live there, including legal and undocumented residents, according to Tegucigalpa authorities.

Returns from Mexican territory decreased by 38.6%compared to 16,257 registrations last year.

The data compiled by the INM also shows that the number of children and adolescents who were deported this year fell from 8,167 in 2022 to 4,265 in 2023.

The downward difference was 3,902 caseswhich represents a reduction of 47.8%.

Every year thousands of Hondurans leave the country with the idea of ​​coming to the United States in search of better life conditions to flee the poverty and violence that plague Honduras, according to human rights organizations and experts.

Main reasons Persistent insecurity and declining purchasing power of the population are driving Hondurans’ desire to emigrate, according to experts.

other Causes They are the lack of employment, the impact of the climate crisis and family reunification, mainly in the case of minors.

Those who live abroad, mainly in USA and Spainsend family remittances, which in 2022 exceeded US$8.6 billion, according to figures from the Central Bank of Honduras.

Since October 2018, several caravans with thousands of Central Americans, the majority Hondurans, with the purpose of reaching the United States.


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