Thursday, November 30, 2023

More than 2 million Hondurans have employment problems

The workers of Honduras will commemorate their day this Monday demanding, among other things, salary improvements and lowering the cost of the basic food basket, in a country of 10 million inhabitantsof which more than 2 million have employment problems.

According to the head of the National Statistics Institute (INE), Eugenio Sosathe unemployed and underemployed in Honduras exceed 2 millionsand a large mass of those who have jobs earn wages so low that they cannot meet their basic needs and would never be lifted out of poverty.

This year, the labor force of the Central American country will march unified in the three most important centrals, the Confederation of Workers of Honduras (CTH), the General Central of Workers (CGT) and the Unitary Confederation of Workers (CUTH).

The INE figures also indicate that the poverty In Honduras, which worsened with the covid-19 pandemic between 2020 and 2022, it affects 73.6% of its population.

He minimum salary The lowest in Honduras is equivalent to US$361, which is not enough for the basic food basket, which costs around $491according to analysts and leading consumer advocates.

The best affected due to poverty, according to official sources, are children, of whom between 2% and 3% suffer severe acute malnutrition, which represents a threat for child survival.

On Monday, Honduran workers will also speak out against a Partial Employment Law, because, according to the general secretary of the CGT, Daniel Duronviolates the Labor Code and the Constitution of the country.

They will also protest against many layoffs of public employees, violations of workers’ rights, criminal violence, and the increase in the number of Hondurans who leave the country by the thousands every month, mostly to USAdue to lack of employment opportunities or the extortion of which they are victims by criminal gangs.


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