Tuesday, December 5, 2023

“More moral than Alcoyano”, where does this famous phrase from Málaga CF’s rival come from?

Málaga CF will face off this Saturday against Alcoyano. A rival that is in 15th position and that has a peculiarity. Surely everyone has heard the famous phrase “more moral than Alcoyano”, a saying that became popular in the Spanish football dictionary. Where does this famous expression come from?

There is nothing concrete regarding the emergence of this phrase, since Alcoyano himself made reference on several occasions that the saying does not come from a game, but is simply one of the values ​​that the team has: fight until the end and not give up no matter how difficult the encounter is.

Despite the club’s denial, there are various theories of the emergence of this. One of them is the rumor that the phrase arises from a Third Division league match, in which Alcoyano was losing by a landslide and despite this the players did not stop cheering and giving encouragement, the victory still in their heads. it was possible.

Second theory

The second theory and the one with the most force arises in a 1948 Cup match.. In that match Alcoyano was being beaten, just like in the previous theory, the referee whistled the end of the match a minute earlier than he should have, which is why the Alcoy team players rushed towards him to reproach him for letting it finish. the game to try to come back.

No theory is confirmed, but what is certain is that Alcoyano will fight until the end and will try to get points from this Saturday’s match at La Rosaleda.


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