Friday, September 22, 2023

Mohamed Haouas: sentenced to 18 months in prison for domestic violence, his partner comes to his defense

In detention since Sunday evening for domestic violence, the international pillar Mohamed Haouas was sentenced this Tuesday, May 30 to 18 months in prison by the Montpellier court, in immediate appearance. Accused of hitting his wife in broad daylight in front of several witnesses and CCTV cameras in a shopping center in Montpellier, the player admitted the facts during his trial.

Repeat offender, Mohamed Haouas did not receive clemency from the prosecutor who requested two years in prison, including one year accompanied by a probationary sentence with obligation of care and an internship on domestic violence. In addition to the revocation of the 18-month reprieve from February 2022 for one of the two previous cases of violence, 18 months in prison were required, with continued detention in order to protect his companion.

What are the facts ?

According to the report, the Montpellier prop came running in, tripped his girlfriend and then slapped her across the face before forcibly dragging her outside the mall and carrying her away violently in a parking lot. A “simple story of cigarettes” would be at the origin of the excess of violence of the rugby players. “We’ve known each other for 10 years. She didn’t smoke at first. She wanted to work, I prefer that she doesn’t work because I have a good salary, assured Haouas during his hearing on Tuesday. She’s allowed to smoke, she’s free, I don’t forbid her, I’m no one to tell her She didn’t tell me the truth, that’s the problem I imagined things because she lied to me about the cigarette. I was afraid that she was cheating on me. I had doubts, I made films. I saw him smoking, I was a little shocked. When I I saw him laughing, I didn’t control myself, I freaked out and I apologize. She ran away, I did the wrong thing” he explained.

“No control over me” explains his companion

As surprising as it may seem, his companion did not want to testify against her spouse. “Everyone is shocked by the actions of Mohamed. I was shocked to see him behave with me like that when usually it is the tenderness of love, for his part indicated his companion. , who wished to become a civil party and testify in favor of the Hérault player. He intervenes that on the cigarette, I am free of my actions. It is a whole, there were tensions, I had returned to work There are multiple tensions: His business, his transfer, the move, his return to work… The context of tension is linked to all of this, smoking is the tip of the iceberg. power over me.” Questioned by the prosecutor, the young woman wishes to continue her life with the man. “The continuation of my relationship with him is a move to Clermont (where the player has signed up for next season, editor’s note). It’s the first time he’s got his hands on me. We’ve been together since 2014 and I want to live with him in Clermont.”


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