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Misssion Raniganj Review: Akshay Kumar’s mission of entertainment, thrill and suspense becomes ‘successful’

A meme about Akshay Kumar remains quite viral. That is, whatever incident happens in the country, Akshay immediately takes the copyright of his film on it. Akshay Kumar’s film ‘Mission Raniganj’ is also based on a Bharat rescue case. However, this story is not of today, but of the bravery of a coal mines officer Jaswant Singh Gill who came into limelight in the 90s by the name of Capsule Singh Gill.

About 70 laborers get trapped due to a burst water pipe inside the coal mines located in Raniganj. In this entire episode, Mines Officer Jaswant Singh Gill, with his bravery and wisdom, rescues the trapped workers. Jaswant Gill became the hero of that time because of his wit. Akshay is coming to entertain you by turning this four-day incident into a film.

After ‘Rustom’ with Akshay Kumar, director Tinu Suresh Desai has once again brought ‘Mission Raniganj’ with him. Tinu’s film has all the factors that a cinema lover desires. There is suspense, thrill in the film and the acting also looks strong. The biggest feature of this 2 hour 20 minute film is that no attempt has been made to make the film hero centric by diverting it from the incident. Of course, everyone will be aware of the rescue operation of Raniganj, yet your curiosity remains till the climax of the film. The biggest plus point of the film is its actors. Everyone has performed beyond expectations. To establish the 90s, a scene has been inserted in the film, where the people of the town come together and sit near the TV to watch Ramayana, which arouses the nostalgia factor. While in the first half of the film, the accident has been served in a straightforward manner by showing the journey of Jaswant Singh Gill along with the workers working in the coal mines and his family, in the second half the story is rapidly moving towards rescue mission, office politics, family. The pain and tension of the union members, all emotions reach a high point. Overall, the director seems to be completely successful in his mission.

technical and sound
The biggest mistake of the film has been from its technical side. Cinematically, the film completely establishes the 90s, but the chroma shots in some scenes have lightened the film. Especially when Akshay Kumar and Kumud Mishra meet for the first time, at that time chroma shot is visible on the entire screen, due to which the scene does not look impactful. The film is crisp, the editing work was good. Yes, the thrill with which the film progresses, the support of background music seems a little less. Had there been a great BGM, perhaps the thrill could have been emoted on screen in a better way. Talking about color correction, Tinu has colored his film in light yellow, which reflects the fragrance of the soil of a village.

The strongest aspect of the film is its actors. One cast is better than the other. Everyone’s work has been first class. Be it Rajesh Sharma as a union leader or Divyendu Bhattacharya as a corrupt officer, you will feel like clapping after seeing their work. Veteran actors like Ravi Kishan, Varun Wadola, Jamil Khan have done their work with great ease as mines workers. The work of Pavan Malhotra and Kumud Mishra in parallel leads cannot be ignored. Akshay Kumar has to be praised, his star image does not come anywhere in the character of Jaswant Singh Gill. He completely convinces as a Punjabi brave officer. Parineeti Chopra has got less screen space, but her work has also been better.

Why watch?
This film based on a real incident can definitely be given a chance. We promise you won’t be disappointed. The film will take you on an emotional ride, somewhere you will be emotional, and somewhere you will also be proud of how a man spared no effort to save the lives of so many mine workers. It is a family film, it can be enjoyed with the family. This film with a better cast can be given a chance.


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