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Mission Majnu Film Review: Siddharth’s strong action but ‘Mission’ weakened on the side of the story

In the month of January, Patriotism-based films are usually presented to the audience by the Bollywood industry. In this month, films like Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathan, Rajkumar Santoshi’s Gandhi-Godse Ek Yuddh are ready for release on the theatres. At the same time, Mission Majnu, a film made in the same genre by Siddharth Malhotra, is also releasing on OTT. Read this review to know how much Siddharth’s film shakes the patriot in you.

In Rawalpindi, Pakistan, Indian spy Amandeep Ajitpal Singh (Sidharth Malhotra) is on his mission by becoming a tailor named Tariq Ali. Punjab’s Amandeep’s father has been accused of being a traitor, for which he and his family are suffering. In such a situation, Amandeep is ready to do anything for his India for the purpose of removing the stain from his family. RAW’s senior Kav (Parmit Shetty) gives this opportunity to Amandeep. Amandeep has to stay in Pakistan under Mission Majnu and find out the nuclear strategy there and give information related to it to India. However, in the meantime, Amandeep falls in love with Nasreen (Rashmika Mandanna) and marries her. Amandeep, who is living a double life in Pakistan, is also determined about his mission and in this he meets two more Indian RAW agents. Will Amandeep be successful in his mission Majnu? What is his role in stopping the nuclear test? Watch the film to know all these questions.

Through his direction, Shantanu Bagchi is presenting the story of an unsung hero who has never got his due. There is a lack of thrill in this story woven on the basis of true events. In fact, many stories have been made on Indian agents even before today, which have been highly appreciated by the audience. Bagchi’s Mission Majnu is also a part of this effort, it is disappointing to see the lack of thriller. Thrills have always been an important link in a film based on spies, unless curiosity awakens inside you while watching the film, then your connection with the film keeps on breaking. Overall the story of the film seems old. The strong side of the film is the strong performance of the actors and its action. The attempt to forcefully capitalize on the tussle between India and Pakistan is also clearly visible. You are not able to connect emotionally while watching the film, but yes, the film keeps you engaged for the last half an hour.

technical and music
Cinematically the film looks beautiful. You are convinced by this film prepared on the backdrop of 1970. Its action scenes thrill. It will be a treat for his fans to see Siddharth doing fast-paced action in the film. The film could have been crisped on the editing table in the first half. Music in the film connects you emotionally. Especially in the last scene, the patriot in you will get a little emotional after listening to the patriotic song sung by Sonu Nigam. Background music has been used in the right amount. Be it action or suspense, music justifies it.

The story may be weak but the casting of this film has been perfect. Especially the work of Siddharth Malhotra is excellent. Along with action, he has perfectly blended emotion with his character. Rashmika Mandana has also done her work effortlessly in the role of a blind girl. The pairing of Sharib Hashmi and Kumud Mishra is also a strong side of the film. His natural acting makes the story more comfortable. Parmit Shetty has got less time but he has been seen doing his work honestly.

see why
This is Siddharth’s second film on patriotism. Siddharth’s performance will not disappoint you. The film can definitely be given a chance.

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