Thursday, June 1, 2023

Misbehavior with ‘India’s Best Dancer’ contestant, the crowd kept watching, the artist expressed pain

You see the reality show ‘India’s Best Dancer’ every year on TV. You might also remember the contestants coming in this. A disturbing video is going viral on social media. This video is not of anyone else but of Varun Dagar. Yes, the same one who has been a contestant of ‘India’s Best Dancer’. In the video shared by Varun, Varun is seen being beaten, beaten and grabbed by the hair by the police. Varun is quite nervous after this incident. Actually, Varun is also a Baskar singer (singing while sitting on the roadside and people give him money in return).

Varun gave the details of the case
Varun has told the details of this matter in a conversation with The Indian Express. Varun said that I was singing while sitting in B block of Connaught Place, Delhi. Also playing the guitar. I often sit here and sing. And the police also come and stop them many times, but Varun does not pay much attention. He keeps on performing. But this time things got out of hand. Varun told that he was performing like the rest of the days when the police came and tried to stop him. Like every time, I didn’t pay attention this time too. And why should I stop, when I am not doing anything wrong. The audience was liking my singing, so maybe the policemen did not like the noise. The officers present there immediately came into active mode.

“And then during that time people started questioning the police. Then a policeman scratched me, after that he grabbed my hair, elbowed and punched me. He took me till the police car like this. That policeman was continuously leaving his hand on me. I said uncle what did I do then said police station I will tell you nothing as of now and what the parking man did was very wrong. He had no right to touch me, but he vented his anger on me. Now I have to take action. The parking man abused me, left my hand And a policeman too, don’t know the name but what you see in the video is the one leaving his hand near the car.”

Varun told that after taking me to the police station, those people were trying to force me to write on the paper that I will never perform on the streets again. To be honest, I do not want to delve too much into this matter. Also, I do not want my love for art to be affected by these things. I am the only first person to perform live on the streets like this after appearing on TV. I wish I could do what I am doing on a larger scale. I know that many people are misusing this thing, but I want this thing to get a platform through my art. I can only hope that people give artistes like us a chance to perform on the streets like this, so that we can showcase our talent. Apart from this, we do not want anything, nor do we have bad thinking.

Varun will perform on stage even after this incident and will not let his talent go to waste. He will sing the compositions made as well. Till now no law has been made against doing this, nor are they hurting anyone.


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