Thursday, June 1, 2023

Ministry of Economy puts Digital Repository online with more than 1,709 documents

He Ministry of Economy, Planning and Development makes available to the public the first version of the Digital Repository which has more than 1,709 documents online that have been recovered and that contribute to the rescue of the country’s historical memory in economic, planning and development issues.

The project, funded by the European Union, It is a virtual library, What can be
Consulted by economists, planners, students, academics, researchers, and the general public.

Up to now, this same initiative has recovered 4,215 documents that will be placed in
line in the next versions of the Digital Repository.

The event was headed by the Ministers of the Economy Pável Isa Contreras, and of the Environment and Natural Resources, Miguel Ceara Hatton, former minister of the institution and promoter of this project.

The Digital Repository has been designed to become a source of information
constant, current, with broad views of the path of development policies that the
Dominican Republic.

This first version of the Digital Repository was visualized by the former minister of this portfolio, Ceara Hatton, and constitutes a documentary collection on the history, knowledge and understanding of the processes of the economy, development and planning of the State.

In this first version, access is given to the collection made up of the publications and papers
carried out by the genesis agencies of the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Development
such as the Technical Secretariat of the Presidency, and the National Planning Offices
(Onaplan), Budget (Onapres), National Statistics (ONE), of Administration of
Staff (ONAP); the Secretary of State for the Economy, Planning and Development and the Mepyd.

Since August 2020, a whole team from the Communications and Technology departments
of Information have carried out an arduous task of recovering and classifying documents,
in consensus with the technical and substantive areas of the Ministry of Economy, Planning and

The topics covered by the repository include agriculture, trade, cooperation
international, demography, population and economy, economic development, economy and systems
economic, employment, energy, economic statistics, export, geography, history, industries.
Also fiscal policy, macroeconomic policy, monetary policy, fiscal policy, resources
natural resources, international economic relations, public sector, services sector, tourism between

To access the Digital Repository of the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Development,
you can do through the link:


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