Friday, December 2, 2022

Minister of the Presidency: salary increase for police officers will contribute to the fight against violence

The Minister of the Presidency, Joel Santos Echavarría, considered that the recent increase in minimum wages for National Police officers is a measure focused on the fight against crime in the country.

Santos understands that this initiative is part of a series of strategies that the Dominican Government is carrying out, in coordination with other instances, to contribute to order and social peace at the national level.

“This new increase is accompanied by other benefits such as health insurance, the Supérate card, lactation rooms, renovated service facilities, among others,” explained the official.

Given the “urgency” call for a socialization table made by the opposition party Fuerza de Pueblo to the authorities to address the issue of violence and criminality that currently permeates society, Santos indicated that it is something that the Government must weigh .

Although he did not clarify whether the authorities would meet with this party or with other opposition organizations to jointly address the problem, he said that this scourge is a concern of all sectors and that the government is undertaking strategies to significantly reduce violence in general.

These improvements are part of the social agenda to dignify the men and women of the Police. The salary increase consigned in the General State Budget 2022, for an amount of RD$1,175 million, was applied from 2% to 20% between the ranges.

President Luis Abinader ordered to increase the minimum salary of police officers to RD$ 20,443, “double what a private earned” at the beginning of his Government. By 2023, it is planned to raise this salary to RD$25,000, which will exceed the RD$10,500 that police officers received at the beginning of 2020 by more than 100%.

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