Friday, September 22, 2023

Miguel Vargas, the runner who has participated the most times in the CDMX Marathon

michael vargas will be a unique runner in the Mexico City Marathon that will take place next Sunday, since it is recognized as the person who has participated in the 42,195 km test the most timeswhich have been organized with 38 of 39 editions.

He 75 year old athlete was absent in the edition of the 2022 for health problems related to COVID-19.

“Half covid and it affected me with hypertensiondisconnected me from brain and my voice timbre lowered. But blessed God I’m back, since June I started working on my body, training, jogging 10 to 12 kilometers and I will do my best in the marathon this year, but the most important thing is that we are in the party”, commented Miguel in interview with RECORD.

Now he returns happier than ever for having the opportunity to continue practicing the sport he loves the most.

“I feel happier than before, because when I was sick I felt that I was not going to be able to do anything, but with the willpower I resumed. A week away I feel like boy with new toyeager to hear the shot to unleash all the adrenaline, “said the runner.

In addition michael vargasexplained that a marathonit is not only a physical test, it is also a mental and spiritual test where you maximize your abilities.

“Run the marathon is a voluntary commitment where you make a great effortso you must have discipline and constancythink of success, do it with love For the body to flow and feel beautiful, you never have to put buts or limitations, you must become a being spiritual full of faith, strength, energy, discipline and unlimited”, concluded

The mythical mexican athletelent all the medals and objects of the 38 editions of the marathon in which he has run to the Mexico City Marathon Expo at the World Trade Center.


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