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Microsoft launches Loop, its Notion clone for collaborative work

Microsoft officially launched Loop, its collaborative work tool with which it seeks to compete with Notion. After several months in the testing phase, the technology company took the final step and confirmed that it will be available starting today for the web and mobile devices.

In general terms, Loop is an application that allows create workspaces open to other people. The tool is made up of three sections: Pages, Work Areas, and Components. The first works as blank canvases where we can add people, text and other elements, while the second groups all the content in one place. Finally, Components are editable blocks that can be inserted into other applications.

Microsoft He has had no problem cloning himself to Notion and that is clear when browsing Loop’s user interface. Despite this, one of the strong points of this application is the integration with other company services and tools. For example, you can easily send content to Outlook and Teams with a single click, or insert components directly into Word and other Microsoft 365 apps.

Microsoft Loop is a co-creation app that allows you and your team to bring all parts of the project together in one place and collaborate across all the apps and devices you already use. It’s a new way of working, so you and your team can think, plan and create together from anywhere.


Loop use what you learned with Fluid Office, one of the most important updates that Microsoft made to its office suite. After decades of using a solo work concept, those in Redmond turned Word, Excel and PowerPoint into dynamic modules that support collaborative work. Subsequently, the technology company developed Fluid Components, a kind of editable blocks that are interchangeable in all its services.

Loop too will harness the power of artificial intelligence thanks to Copilot. The new AI-powered assistant will be available to help us make annotations, rephrase texts or convert paragraphs into to-do lists. After a million-dollar investment in OpenAI, Microsoft is implementing this technology in almost all of its applications.

Microsoft Loop: price and availability

During its Ignite 2023 conference, Microsoft confirmed that Loop is now available for enterprise customers on web and mobile devices. End consumers can try the preview free of charge to get familiar. The only requirement is to have a Microsoft account to log in to the web.

When you log in for the first time you will find a work area called Introduction where the basic concepts of its operation. To create new work areas you just have to click on the Loop icon, located in the upper right corner. Doing so will open a new section that lists your spaces, components and a shortcut to ideas.

Loop includes some templates to optimize component creation, so if you’re looking to produce project summaries, meeting notes, or project planners, you’ll be able to access them directly from the Ideas section. These components can be shared with others via a link or pasted into other Microsoft applications with a single click.

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