Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Miches shows its best face at Fitur with investments of more than US$735 million

Madrid Spain.- The Miches municipality, in the El Seibo province, is in the International Tourism Fair (Fitur). He has shown his best face. The tourist projects in operation, those that are built and those that have the permits to become a reality, refer to a single path: that of sustainable and inclusive development.

The Ministry of Tourism and Promiches are united in the task of ensuring that this “piece of paradise in paradise”, as its developers have described it, continues to lead the areas that attract the greatest investment, especially for the construction of first-class hotel complexes. level. The most important chains and world references are already in Miches, some with projects with excellent results and others with the promise of being a fundamental part of their development.

The signs that Miches is an irrefutable reality are, for example, the start of construction of new hotel developments in this tourist pole, which add up to more than US$735 million between public and private investments.

The information was released during a breakfast within the framework of Fitur 2023, which was hosted by the con led by the Ministry of Tourism and ProMiches. In the activity they were presenting the advances both in terms of territorial planning, public investment and private projects that are already being carried out in the area.

Minister David Collado understands that the Fair environment is the ideal place to position the country as a safe and stable destination for investment.

He stressed that the government is creating all the necessary infrastructure for Miches to become a successful tourist hub. “In this administration, we have designed a Management Plan for Miches, and through Ceiztur and the National Institute of Drinking Water and Sewerage (Inapa), we have managed to build the necessary roads, access to the beach and the aqueduct to guarantee that the hotel developments have the public infrastructure necessary for their operational success”, he stated.

Promiches, the private organization in charge of promoting the development of Miches, presented the different private investments, highlighting three hotels already in operation and others under construction.

“Among the different private projects we will have more than 3,700 hotel rooms and almost 2,000 residential rooms, between the projects in operation and under construction,” said Yamil Isaías, president of Promiches.

The Banco del Reservas is the entity that finances more than half of the rooms under construction in Miches. “The tourism development of Miches includes, in the long term, the commissioning of 3,756 hotel rooms. Of that total, through projects already approved by our institution, 2,020 rooms will be enabled, more than half of that total”, revealed Samuel Pereyra, administrator of Banreservas.

The Dominican Government signed a collaboration agreement with ProMiches in 2022 for joint investment work for the development of this tourist pole, which was revalidated in Firur 2023.

The breakfast was used for different investors to present their projects, including ZEMI, owned by investor Fran Elías Rainieri, which will have 534 hotel rooms and 1,000 residential rooms in its first stage; the Viva Whyndham Group project with 487 hotel rooms, presented by Rafael Blanco Canto; that of Grupo Tropicalia, represented by William Phelan and the Grupo Maralda project with 690 hotel rooms and 800 residences.

The activity also brought together leaders of the business sector related to tourism development, such as energy, investment funds, construction, fuel and transportation, among others.

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