Thursday, June 8, 2023

Mhoni Vidente predicts the departure of Diego Cocca and replacement of Mohamed

Recognized for her predictions on esoteric subjects, Mhoni Seerpredicted a change in the technical direction of the Mexican team; according to his predictions, Diego Cocca will not continue in his position as coach and will be replaced in the future by Anthony Mohammed.

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Mexico vs Argentina

The seer explained that The Turk You will not be a champion this semester, but you will have to organize and align your team, which will take time; however, mohammed will be successful in the future, and you may end up running the Mexican team,Later I will see him in the Mexican National Team, not right now, later, because there will be nothing left of Cocca”.

It should be noted that the results of both coaches are positive at the beginning of their management, although some doubt the actions of the team led by Diego Cocca, especially after the clashes against Suriname and Jamaica. Meanwhile, Antonio Mohamed arrived at the cougars as a replacement for Raphael Bridgeand currently keeps the team in the 12th position in the table with 17 points and according to Mhoni Seerwill achieve the championship at some point in the future.

This situation will be combined with a bad moment for Cocca as well as the lack of acceptance among the public that feels more empathy for the Turk and which also owns with a good reputation in the MX League where he has already been champion with America and Tijuana.


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