Sunday, June 4, 2023

Mexico says traffickers charge US$10,000 to migrants before the end of Title 42

The Mexican President, Andres Manuel Lopez Obradordenounced this Thursday that migrant traffickers or “polleros” charge up to $10,000 with a promise to bring them to the United States now that the Title 42.

“There are many ‘polleros’, more than usual, many traffickers of people, who are offering to take migrants to the border for US$8,000 or US$10,000, talking about that as of today they can enter freely and it is a liea manipulation ”, he exposed in his morning conference.

The president referred to the expiration This Thursday night of Title 42, a measure started by Donald Trump (2017-2021) and continued by President Joe Biden to expel migrants on the grounds of the covid-19 pandemic, an emergency declaration that is about to end in USA

In this context, he stated that he has deployed officials from the mexican government at the borders to “continue insisting that there are legal pathways to enter the United States,” including, he said, 300,000 visas for Cuba, VenezuelaHaiti and Nicaragua, in addition to 100,000 for Central America.

“We have managed all this with the Government of USA and it is the first time that the Government of the United States, especially due to the decision and will of President Biden, that these visas are delivered,” he asserted.

He flow immigration and despair have grown in recent days at the borders of Mexico due to the end of Title 42 because migrants perceive it as an opportunity to cross into the United States, although Title 8 and new restrictions to request asylum will be applied instead.

The Mexican ruler asked migrants to use the legal pathways to request asylum and not transit through Mexico, recognizing that there are dangers along the way, such as accidents and kidnappings.

“We are informing that the risks involved in crossing our country should not be taken, especially risks due to transport that is carried out in a very risky and inhumanein a box of a trailer there are 400 to 500 migrants, without air, without oxygen”, he commented.

Moments before, the president assured that he promised Biden, during a call on Tuesday, “help with everything” to avoid chaos before the end of Title 42, with which the United States expelled 2.8 million migrants.

Although he reiterated that he must fight the causes of the migration and invest in development for Central America.

“As I told President Biden: the causes must be addressed, we have already talked enough about that, that we must help the people. There is a reality, that there is a lot despair in the peoples of Central America and Latin America,” he said.


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