Thursday, June 1, 2023

Mexican Olympic Committee will finance athletes without support from Conade

The president of the Mexican Olympic Committee María José Alcalá announced a new initiative to finance national athletes without depending on support from Conade.

Within the framework of the celebration of the 100 years of the COM, the former diver announced that it will be through the creation of a trust called “We are all Olympic”, which will seek to ensure the participation of athletes in the different competitions in the olympic cycle.

“In these times there is no room for ego or arrogance. The lack of response to the needs of our athletes is clear, but that will not stop us because as each written page of our history has marked us in this centenary, this committee is still standing”, said Alcalá.

On the other hand, María José Alcalá defended the autonomy of the COM and pointed out that, despite the lack of support, the athletes continue to fight to transcend.

“Despite the adversities, obstacles and attempts to discredit our movement, in the Olympic family we are forged to resist the high temperatures, to get up strong every time we fall,” he said.

In addition, the directive and policy explained how the idea of ​​this financing in favor of Mexican athletes was born.

“This arises from the need to have the support of the athletes so that they comply with their cycle. This idea belongs to the businessmen where they say, how do we help? We have to take care of all the athletes, not just a few”, Alcalá pointed out in an interview with Proceso.

In it, and without giving specific figures, he pointed out that this support is expected to be in use in the next 15 days.

Finally, Alcalá pointed out that the delegation that will attend the Central American and Caribbean Games 2023 It will only have 100 athletes, due to the lack of resources to send a team of more than 500 athletes as planned.


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