Friday, September 22, 2023

Mexican athlete with down syndrome wins three golds in Colombia

During the recent Ibero-American Special Olympic Games Fides 2023held in Colombia, the young athlete of 19 years, Roberto Mendoza Salazaroriginally from Saltillo, Mexico, was crowned with gold medals in three disciplines, carrying the Mexican flag high and bringing great joy to his proud parents, who witnessed his outstanding performance in this international competition.

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In these exciting competitions, the Mexican athlete triumphed in the modalities of shot put, discus throw and 4×4 relaywhere his participation was notable, especially as he was in charge of closing the race and leaving his competitors from other nations behind.

The trajectory of Roberto Mendoza Salazar began at the age of nine, when he began working with a coach who prepared him for different competitions, accompanied by his parents, he was reaching marks that allowed him to reach international competitions, something that initially was not in his plans, but that has become in a lifestyle.

At 19 years old, Robert is about to start his high school studies, competes internationally and enjoys playing the drums. All of this is proof that he knows no limits and his parents are determined not to put up any barriers, allowing him to achieve his dreams as far as he wishes.


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