Thursday, December 1, 2022

#MeToo: Archana-Soundarya trolled Sajid Khan! The act of casting couch went viral on Twitter.

Recently Sajid Khan’s fierce form was seen in Bigg Boss house. Sajid and Archana had a fight, many heavy abuses were also given. But unlike all this, Archana looked calm this time. Archana showed amazing control over herself. On the other hand, Soundarya Sharma fulfilled her friendship by telling Archana her mistake. The audience liked this talk of both of them very much. Now the friendship of these two is trending on Twitter. At the same time, a video of Bigg Boss house is also trending, where both are seen doing an act. Now decide in which direction this act is pointing, see for yourself.

Boss did casting couch for job seeker
In this video, Soundarya is in the role of an unemployed girl, while Archana has become the owner of a company. Both are enacting a scene while having fun with each other. Where the boss wants to make the girl his victim. Soundarya comes to the boss to talk about the job, tells her profile and demands the job. After this, Archana talks to Soundarya about taking advantage of her. Archana says you will get a job, what will I get. After this, Soundarya gets angry and scolds Archana.

This clip from inside Bigg Boss house is now going viral. Sharing this video, a user wrote – These two girls are absolutely fearless. I say again, fearless. Strong and tear. I hope you all can understand whom they are trolling. Sajid Khan. I have seen this video on reddit. The user tagged Priyanka Chahar Chowdhary and Shiv Thackeray and wrote ‘Sab Dekho’.

users demand
Archana and Soundarya are trending on Twitter. Demand is being made to show this clip of both. Users are tagging Bigg Boss and writing why it is not being shown. Users are saying that no one has the courage like these two to take such steps. You must be aware that Sajid Khan has been accused of harassment by many girls. Many fingers were pointed at Sajid Khan under the #MeToo movement.

See those tweets here…

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