Friday, December 9, 2022

Messi’s goal led Argentina at the break

Sports Update Desk: Lionel Messi had a great start to his last World Cup. Argentina ended the first half with a goal in their first match in the group stage. Playing in the fifth World Cup of his career, the PSG star scored from the penalty spot in the tenth minute of the match.

These two teams will play in the first match of Group C at 4 pm at Lusail Stadium in Qatar. In the match, Lionel Scaloni’s team entered the field with the first eleven in 4-3-3 formation. On the other hand, Saudi coach Herb Renard arranged the formation of the defensive eleven from the beginning to prevent the attack of Messi-De Mariad.

From the beginning of the match, Argentina squeezed Saudi Arabia. But they failed again and again because of Saudi’s high line defense. A minute and a half into the match, the Blues went on the attack. The Saudi goalkeeper managed the disaster by somehow preventing Messi’s great shot from inside the D box.

Leandre Parades was fouled inside the box when Messi took a free kick from outside the D box in the eighth minute of the match. The referee announced the foul after seeing the VAR. And because of that, Argentina gets a penalty.

From there, Messi gave the team the lead in the tenth minute of the match with a successful spot kick. He started his last World Cup with a goal in addition to cheering the Argentine fans with a goal.

Scaloni’s disciples were squeezed by Saudi after digesting the goal. After 13 to 16 minutes, several attacks were made back to back, but due to the lack of organized attacks, the net was never found.

After 19 to 22 minutes, Argentina attacked the Saudi box. After 21 minutes, Papu Gomes took a shot on the Saudi goal. Sky Blues missed the chance when the shot missed the target.

In the 23rd minute, Messi entered the D box alone after receiving a pass from the midfield. After overcoming three defenders and the goalkeeper to find the address of the net, the goal was canceled due to offside.

After 28 minutes, Argentina’s goal was canceled after being caught offside again. Lautaro Martinez gets the ball close to the D box. The Argentinian forward found the address of the net in a single skill by pulling the ball. Once again this goal was canceled due to the offside trap.

At the end of the 35th minute of the match, Lautaro Martinez entered the D box by taking Messi’s pass from the midfield. From there he found the address of the net by velki the goalkeeper with great skill. It too fell into the offside trap.

The rest of the first half was then dominated by Argentina’s attack. In the end no one found the fake address. That is why the two-time World Cup winners had to go into the break with a 1-goal lead.

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