Friday, September 22, 2023

Messi apologized for visiting Saudi Arabia

Lionel Messi apologized in a video message amid discussion and criticism in the football world about visiting Saudi Arabia without the permission of the club. Messi has been banned by PSG for two weeks for skipping team training without permission and traveling to Saudi Arabia.

Messi is the tourism ambassador of Saudi Arabia. Messi has been banned for two weeks for visiting Saudi Arabia as a tourism ambassador without permission. Messi did not know, if he does this, he will be punished? Still, why did the Argentine captain go – the question raised all around.

In such a situation, Messi has given a video message in the story on Instagram. Argentina’s World Cup-winning captain apologized to his club PSG and teammates for everything in that message.

Posting the video, Messi said, ‘I wanted to make this video after what’s happening is over. Firstly, I apologize to my club and teammates. I thought, after the match, the team will have a break like always. This visit was pre-arranged, I could not cancel it. I have canceled this trip before.’

06 May/ES


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