Friday, December 8, 2023

Messi and the king of stickers, Hasbulla, suffer from the same disease

At first glance it might seem that the star of social networks, the Russian Hasbulla Magomedovand the Argentine soccer star Lionel Messi have no coincidences, both experienced the same physical suffering that they faced in different ways.

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He growth hormone deficiency syndrome It is a disease that can be congenital or acquired and is characterized mainly by slow growth in height as the years go by and those who suffer from it become short people.

The current world soccer champion Lionel Messisuffered from this syndrome that was diagnosed by an endocrinologist when he was nine years old and only measured one meter and 25 centimeters, a situation that worried his parents who had already detected the talent of Mess with the balloon, but it seemed that he could not develop it due to the expensiveness of the treatment.

The treatment you started Messi Around the year 2000, it consisted of injections that replaced the hormone that was missing, so it did so for three years with a dose of two daily injections each at a cost of 17 dollars each.

Monthly, the family of the Argentine player spent the strong amount of 900 dollars; fortunately they received the support of the local team, Newell’s and later from Barcelona.

According to experts, this measure allowed Lionel to grow 10 to 15 centimeters more than what was projected; that is, without the treatment Today I would measure between 1.55 and 1.60 meterswhich could have changed his entire history, it is estimated that the total cost was 35 thousand dollars, which today may not seem like much, but it meant a great sacrifice for the player and his family.

In the case of Hasbulla Magomedovhe did not have the resources that would allow his family to pay, since despite being Russian, he belongs to the Muslim minority that lives in that territory and is considered one of the poorest, most corrupt and insecure in the country.

hasbulla measures only 99 centimeters; However, the 20-year-old took advantage of this quality and became a star on social networks that began with videos on Instagram where he imitated the exercise routines of his compatriot and mixed martial arts champion. Jabib Nurmagomedovand reached 8.6 million followers.

Later, he migrated to a YouTube channel that also became a success and later filled the internet world, being the protagonist of memes and the image of dozens of stickers that are used all over the world.


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