Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Messenger Lite for Android will stop working very soon

Meta will kill Messenger Lite, the messaging application that sought to offer a light experience on low-end mobiles and slow connections. The app no ​​longer appears in Google Play searches and is only available to those who have already downloaded it, though not for long.

The technology confirmed to TechCrunch that Messenger Lite will disappear on September 18. “Starting August 21, people using the Messenger Lite app for Android will be directed to Messenger or FB Lite to send and receive messages,” a Meta spokesperson said.

For now, users can ignore the warning and access Messenger Lite. However, after September 18, the only alternative for those who wish to maintain a light user experience will be facebook lite. Those who do not have performance or connectivity problems can download the full version of Facebook or Messenger.

The plan to discontinue Messenger Lite is part of a new Meta strategy. Gone are the days when Mark Zuckerberg envisioned Messenger as the ultimate mobile messaging experience. A few months ago, the tech giant announced that messages would return to the Facebook app in order to simplify the experience.

Messenger Lite launched in 2016 as an alternative for users in developing countries. Google, Meta, Twitter and other companies saw the importance of offering Basic applications for those who did not have the latest generation mobile or took care of your data plan.

It’s not a secret that Facebook or Messenger consume a lot of resources and they are enemies of the mobile battery. The “Lite” versions get rid of the padding features and reduce the file size to a minimum. In some cases, the experience is similar to what we get in a mobile browser.

Totem with the logos of Facebook, Messenger Lite, WhatsApp, Instagram and Threads, the Meta apps

Since its launch eight years ago, the popularity of Facebook Lite has declined considerably. Facebook has become an app “for old people” and the most obvious proof is the explosion of Instagram or TikTok. According to data from ApptopiaInstagram Lite and TikTok Lite are in the Top 10 downloads on Google Play in countries like Brazil or Argentina.

The ability to message your contacts on Facebook or Instagram has made Messenger less important. Added to this, Meta is focused on implementing new features in WhatsApp or Threads, so your classic messaging client has been relegated.

The end of Messenger Lite could mean little or nothing to those who have opposed the idea of ​​separating apps, a fad all too common over the past decade.

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