Friday, September 22, 2023

MercaSID and Induveca receive recognition for industrial innovation

MercaSID and Induveca, companies of the SID Group, were awarded by the Center for Industrial Development and Competitiveness (Proindustria) during the first installment of its Recognition for Industrial Innovation in the Dominican Republic.

The companies were awarded for being an example of sustainable work through the strengthening of its products and services, promoting the expansion of the national industry and contributing significantly to economic and social development.

MercaSID was awarded in two categories: “Iproduct process innovation” by showing a continuous improvement in the processes of its value chain, covering the creation, production, distribution and design and incorporating the use of technology.

The other category in which MercaSID was recognized was “Product Marketing Innovation”, due to the installation and start-up of the new Tub Manufacturing Plant, being pioneers in the country with IML technology (in-mold labelling), the implementation of machines allows savings in the grammage of the packaging material.

José Miguel Bonetti Du-Breil, Executive Vice President of MercaSID, expressed his gratitude and pride for the recognitions granted and pointed out: “These awards are a reflection of the company’s constant commitment to work with quality, innovation and efficiency in all its operations and processes.” .

Induveca, for its part, received the highest award for “Excellence in Innovation” for its Keto and Veggie Life line, an award that highlights the commitment to work to bring quality and innovative products that meet the needs of consumers.

“We are honored by this recognition. We will continue working to bring innovative products of the best quality that allow us to stay at the forefront, anticipate the future needs of our clients and consumers and exceed their expectations”, highlighted Lil Esteva, executive vice president of Induveca.

The SID Group companies have demonstrated a strong track record of cutting-edge development, from the implementation of efficient production technologies to the introduction of new products that meet the changing needs of consumers, the press release indicates.


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