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Mel: “I was hoping to get a chance to try it with new people”

Pepe Mel had the opportunity to say goodbye in the press room after announcing his dismissal on the same Wednesday morning. Supported by Manolo Gaspar, Francisco Martín Aguilar and the captains of the squad, and with the conspicuous absence of José María Muñozjudicial administrator, for reasons unrelated to the club, the Madrid coach wanted to be as elegant as possible in his last appearancealthough he could not hide his surprise, because the decision was not communicated to him until this morning, despite the meeting that was held this Tuesday: “I had two interviews scheduled today. The conclusion I drew yesterday is that I was going to be in Gijón. The important thing is that the decision is correct, that the team win in Gijón. This entity deserves to be at the top.”

farewell household items

“To thank the club, all the workers. We have felt loved, respected, helped. We have no faults to say in these four months. It is a difficult day, it is a bitter moment. You come to a city with enthusiasm, a moment difficult, convinced that you are going to do it well and the results will accompany. It is the law of football. Thanks to players, office people, they have helped us. Soccer is like that. I have the honor of having been a coach at Málaga. I think we have worked well, football has that bit of luck. The first day with Villarreal everything should have changed. I hope Pellicer hits the target. There are four points, he gets it with a good job. What I ask people is that he support. The footballers are the ones who are going to do it, in summer God will say. Thank you all for your personal respect, I think you want the best for Málaga”.


“Fuck, I’m more used to things coming out for me. Annoyed by the affection that I already have for the club, I have the resentment of not having achieved it. I don’t know if I’m doing the right thing to say, personally I’m going through a difficult time because of something that has nothing to do with football.”

When is it communicated?

“This morning. The idea that I had yesterday is to come today (Wednesday) to train, without further ado.”

Support from the fans

“I feel that they welcomed me very well, they have treated me very well. The feeling I have is that it is a lady fans, they understand the message of the players. They know it. The fans will be with them until the last second of the last game.”

Relationship with Manolo Gaspar

“I want to make one thing clear, my relationship with Manolo is excellent. The only resentment I have is that we have just signed three players, the market is still open, I will not have the possibility to try it with new people. I was hoping to get the chance. It’s football.”

Post-match against Burgos

“What I had the other day was bad news personally, together with the fact that the team did not finish doing things, everything comes together. I am a person. The coaches have to sit down at the end of the game, with the heart rate at 1,000 . I thought it was going to come out, I believe in the footballers and in the dressing room that exists. I think the second round is going to be different, it’s going to get that bit of luck. I am convinced, now it will be with another coach. Málaga will continue in professional football in the summer.”

Relationship with receiver

“Whoever wants to be has been with me. There are the footballers, the teammates. And Manolo. The feeling I had is that I was playing against Asturias (Sporting and Oviedo). Yesterday I met…until this morning I had that feeling.”

Do you understand your dismissal?

“This is about results. We have advanced one position, but we have not finished leaving. It is normal for heads to turn towards the coach. I have no problem with the footballers, here are the captains. A coach is there to make decisions. It is not a personal issue, it is collective. The coach is the first interested in things going well. I don’t want to leave thinking badly of anyone. I know how this is handled.”

Tuesday meeting

“Today I have come to train. I can’t say anything else.”

Open market

“Both Manolo and his people and I have had everything open. Football is like that. Málaga does what it thinks is best, when we sign footballers it’s because we think it improves. While the market is open, Málaga is open to improving the squad.”


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