Monday, December 4, 2023

Megan Rapinoe announces her retirement after the Women’s World Cup

A few days before starting her fourth Women’s World Cup, Megan Rapinoe surprised by announcing that he will retire from professional football once the season of the National Women’s Soccer League.

With two world titles and an Olympic gold medal, rapinoe will seek to culminate his career in a glorious way in the tournament that will take place in Australia and New Zealandstarting July 20.

The announcement of the american player generated a stir in the world of football, as he says goodbye at the peak of his career and being one of the most influential figures in the sport for his leadership, skill and commitment to gender equality have left an indelible mark on the female sport.

With the United States team, rapinoe has been a fundamental pillar in winning titles and in the fight for the visibility and recognition of women’s football worldwide.

The news of the withdrawal of Megan Rapinoe arrives just before the start of the Women’s World Cupwhere the United States will defend its crown in search of the third consecutive title, will be a special opportunity to bid farewell as a soccer legend and pay tribute to his outstanding career.


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