Monday, December 4, 2023

Medvedev: G7 export ban could end grain deal

Russian Security Council Deputy Chairman Dmitri Medvedev made a statement regarding the “idea of ​​banning exports” to Russia by the G7 countries.

Making a statement on the subject on his official Telegram account, Medvedev said, “The idea of ​​a complete ban on exports to our country by the G7 idiots means that imports from our country are also banned in the categories that the G7 is most sensitive to. In this case, the grain deal and many other things they need will come to an end. It seems. They don’t have any brains left,” he said.

Last week, Japanese media announced that the G7 countries had exchanged views on banning exports to Russia.

The Grain Agreement, which was signed with the mediation of Turkey and the United Nations and seen as a solution to the international food crisis, was positively received by the international public.


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