Thursday, March 23, 2023

Medium will accept ChatGPT, although it imposes a series of rules for it

Medium is the latest platform to jump on the rage for ChatGPT. the platform of blogging announced a change to its guidelines that now allows the publication and distribution of articles written with AI. Of course, as long as one condition is met: that each text created with the help of a generative artificial intelligence is clearly identified as such.

According to explained Medium, the decision to accept texts written with AI was made after analyzing the comments of its community. The main concern was how the use of tools such as OpenAI would be received, considering that many readers they pay subscriptions to access articles from your favorite writers or publications. Therefore, the need for transparency became a crucial factor when defining how to address this possibility.

“We welcome the responsible use of AI assistive technology on Medium. To promote transparency and help meet reader expectations, we require that any story created with the assistance of intelligence is clearly labeled as such«, Now indicate the guidelines on Medium distribution standards.

Now, what will happen when a user of the platform publishes articles written totally or partially with the help of ChatGPT and does not clarify it? Scott Lamb, Medium’s vice president of content, said that when they find articles they believe have been generated by artificial intelligence, they will not distribute them through the Medium network.

Nevertheless, did not explain how said control measure will be implemented. Nor how the service will be handled if cases of plagiarism are detected, something quite common with generative AI tools.


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