Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Mechaal signs up for the challenge against Ingebrigtsen in the expected final of 3,000

Cry Xenia Benach after his insufficient fifth place to go to the next round of 60 hurdles. Cry Fatima Diame by four centimeters to be in the long jump final. Cries Lorea Ibarzabal after her brilliant 800 rating when remembering her friend Bea who just passed away, with whom she was running just four months ago. Javier Ureña does not cry but he feels weak and empty in every test, he says, and he doesn’t know why. The entire national team cries for the absence of physiotherapist Ángel Basaswho died with his son in a traffic accident in New Zealand in the week before the European.

Basas had spent three decades taking care of the dry dock where the injured Spanish elite are going to stop and recover, the worst situation for a professional athlete. The door of his workshop was always open. The loss of him has undoubtedly dealt a heavy blow to the national team, in which he was much loved.

Saturday’s day also did not end with zero in the medal table for Spain, although it also provided good news. good morning, Adel Mechaal slipped comfortably into the 3,000 final (Sunday, 6:00 p.m.) who will play as the rival with the best chances against the intractable Norwegian Jakob Ingebrigtsenwho is looking for his second gold after winning the 1,500 on Friday.

In 1800, the woman from Madrid born in Las Palmas Lorea Ibarzabal reached the final (Sunday, 6:35 p.m.), in his debut with the Spanish team, at the age of 28 and after overcoming a desert of injuries. Adrian Ben then won his semi-final and the Galician Olympian will also play a final of 800 (Sunday, 6:22 p.m.) in which he points to possibilities, after overcoming a femur bill due to stress that kept him in recovery for 11 months in the midst of a pandemic.

Another step of Guerrero

Sixth in Belgrade 2017, the same result two years later in Glasgow, and fifth in Torun 2021, Esther Guerrero got a little closer to the podium entering fourth in the 1,500 final with a personal best included (4.04.86), while the spontaneous Águeda Marqués reached a finalist position by being seventh and also improved her record (4.08.72). Guerrero missed the Belgrade World Cup in 2022 due to injury.

The final of 400 smooth was missing. With four continental medals and the indoor title in Torun 2021, Husillos faced the world record holder in the 400 hurdles, the Norwegian Karsten Warholm, with a hurdle record of 45.94 seconds. As with Jakob Ingebrigtsen, Warholm is another Norwegian with an unbeatable label, except for an error or incident during a short, fast race and on an open road in the second lap. The hurdler set a lactic rhythm from the start and ended up throwing himself over the finish line under the harassment of the Belgian Julien Watrin to secure the title (45.35 seconds). Husillos could not follow his lead or dispute the medals in the final stretch, adding another fourth place (with 46.24) for Spain.

the dutch Femke Bol fulfilled all the forecasts and won the 400 final by running solo under 50 seconds. In the shortest and fastest final, the 60 meters, Olympic 100m champion Marcel Jacobs of Italy lost to compatriot Samule Ceccarelliwinner with 6.48 seconds.


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